lørdag 19. november 2016

Angora/wool fluff

A few weeks ago I received a special gift from a friend - 3+ kg of 70% angora and 30% wool 💕 Awesome 😁
However since I'm more used to roving than carded batts, I was a bit 🤔 
But, after looking at it and fondling it for a while I decided to empty some bobbins and give it a go... 
Since I'm more used to roving I usually do a forward or short forward draw for drafting, but it turned out that I had to give this challenge a different approach. Supported backwards draw... Hmmm, not so skilled at that 😳
But what a surprise - it's really easy!! 
And the speed? Wow, why haven't I tried this before? It's not like I haven't got any batts lying around 😜
So for my first try
 Tha angora is 2nd sorting, so there are some second cuts. And the wool it is careded with is not washed, but again - wow!
 First skein unwashed
 And what a difference a soak does? It evened out so nicely. I just love it!
So tonight this is what I'm doing
 Yep! I dragged out my jumbo bobbins, I'm on a roll!! 😁

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  1. This looks gorgeous. I do a little drop spinning and I didnt realise how important it was to soak or wash after spinning to block the yarn. Thanks for the advice and enjoy your yarn!